Culture and Monastery tours 

We offer the following tours:

  • tours for individual and small groups 
  • tailor made  tours for groups 
  • accommodation, meals, guidning and transfers in all our destinations




Old Valamo monastery                                                      

Old Valamo monastery, 3 days, 24-26.6 and 16-18.7.2014 more                              Old Valamo monastery, 2 days, 17-18.5. (for groups) and 30-31.7.2014 more        Pilgrimage to Old Valamo 30-31.8.2014 more                                                       Day tours only for groups. more


Karelia villages of Olonets, Petrozavodsk and Kizhi, 23-27.7.2014, more                Solovetsk and Viena Karelia, 6-10.8.2014 more 

North Russia, Moscow, Siberia 

Easter tour to Moscow, Vladimir and Suzdal, 17-22.4.2014 More                             Culture and monastery tour to Novgorod and Pskov, 9-13.7.2014.more                

Tour in North-West Russia: Onega lake -Kargopol area - Arkhangel - village by Pinega river, Vytegra, 2015!

Uralian tour by train/boat:  Moscow - Komi Republic - Vorkuta - Jamalo Nenetski -Khanti Mansinsk - Tobolsk - Moscow, 2015!

Icon tour to St Petersburg 17-20.10. 2014 more                                                    Diveevo convent, St Serafim Sarovski, 20-26.7.2014. more                                    This is coming in 2015 July.              


Pilgrimage to the North Greece, 5-12.4.2014. more                                               Easter tour to Athens and Evia 15-22.4.2014.                                                        Culture and monastery tour to Greek islands: Tinos, Andros e.g. September 2014  

Moldova Republic                          

Moldova Republic, Transnistria, 16-13.9.2014, more


Monasteries, villages and Paris, 1-10.10.2014

The Caucases

West - Georgia via Tbilisi to Batumi and Svaneti, 20-28.9.2014                                East - Georgia; Iberia, Kazbeg, Telavi valley, villages and monasteries in October 2015.